Bag of Hobo Purses

Hobo Purses – What To Look For!
Hobo Purses or (bags) as sometimes called have been around for centuries, since biblical times. However, hobo purses are most acknowledged as being made from a triangular heavy cloth with a stick going through it. It was worn over the shoulder by old-time homeless people or transients that held their meager possessions in it. We’ve all seen pictures of a hobo person with a knapsack over his shoulder walking along a railroad track in hopes of hopping a train for a new destination.

Identifying a Hobo Purse
Today, a hobo purse is unstructured, usually on the larger side that has a curved top and a sturdy rounded bottom and strong edges. There are thousands of versions to choose from. By specifically knowing the difference between a purse and a hobo purse, a seasoned shopper will be aware of whether to buy a hobo purse or another type of purse. Every shopper of hobo purses should do their homework before buying. You will be very knowledgeable when you are ready to buy that first hobo purse!

A hobo purse usually features a long strap that is attached to the ends of the purse that is to be worn on the shoulder or across the body. The strap on a cross body bag is designed differently so if it is worn across the body, the strap will lie flat. Some hobo purses have a distinct strap and others are built up from the purse material itself. When a hobo purse is worn or held by the strap, the tension pulls up the ends of the bag and narrows it. Many hobos fold in at the middle, sometimes looking like a lunch bag. Some other hobo purses are more structured and look like a cross between a traditional handbag and a hobo bag. The more structured bags keep their shape extremely well.

What To Look For In a Hobo Purse
Hobo purse options are numerous. They are like other purses in that they might feature fringe, rosettes, patchwork, outside pockets, inside pockets, embroidery, chains and other catching accents. Closure types may include inside zippers, outside zippers, snaps, drawstrings, or toggle closures. Some hobos may not have any closure, relying on their design to stay relatively closed when worn. A style is a matter of taste. The style you desire should fit your specific needs while at the same time, every hobo purse should offer practical features in order to be convenient and user-friendly.

Purse Accessibility
The purse should be easily accessible. The inside should have enough room to reach all of your items easily. If the purse features a zipper closure, the zipper should run the entire length of the purse’s top. A hobo with a fold-over top or a well-placed convenient snap is also good. A hobo purse should always have a wide opening and a simple-to-use closure.

Frame Proportion
Any hobo purse should be in proportion to the wearer’s frame. Large carryall purses definitely don’t look good on a petite or short woman. She should look for a smaller, scaled-down handbag. A larger woman can easily wear a larger purse.